We work with Kerstin Florian products, and with Mary Åkerberg, because of their very high quality and not least that they provide the desired effect. We have chosen Kerstin Florian products as our main brand because they are fantastic providers and offer a skincare line with a holistic approach.

They work for wellbeing based on four cornerstones; good nutrition, regular exercise, a peaceful mind and care for the face and body, and that health comes from within! Natural products that give visible results! It is also the basic philosophy behind the successful Kerstin Florian spa concept. There is shampoo and conditioner, shower gel and body lotion available in the spa’s locker rooms and showers.

We also offer a selection of Maria Arable’s products and treatments because they are first and foremost a Swedish organic brand. A major element is that they are also work towards a sustainable society and embrace a wide environmental responsibility. We offer their chocolate and papaya treatments they are well-liked and incredibly popular.