Gym and training

With us you will find a full-size gym with free weights, machines, and a Power Plate. Warm up properly or run a cardio session on our treadmill, bike or cross trainer. A TV with our regular range of channels is available and speakers with AUX cord so you can easily play your own music.

Training program

Water X-fit 17,00

Mindfulness 17.00

Core 17.00

Tabata 17.00

Mindfulness 10.00
Instructor’s choice 17,00

Mindfulness 10.00
Instructor’s choice 17,00

Instructor’s choice 10.00
Meditation in motion 17,00

Pass Description:

Core In this session we train strength, balance and flexibility of the abdominal and back muscles. The passport can be proactive when it comes to low back pain and improve posture

Instructor’s Choice – Our talented instructors will select this weekend workouts, see more information at our reception.

Meditation in motion is a passport that consists of simple movements with a focus on breathing. Sets in motion the circulation and increases oxygen uptake while providing a meditative feeling.

Relaxation exercise increasing an experience of mindfulness about 25 minutes.

Water Xfit Strength and conditioning workouts in water. Soft and comfortable workout that suit everyone. Each working according to their own abilities and alternating between various stations.

Tällgårdsgattu 21 | 793 70 | Tällberg | +46 247 89100 | spa.dalecarlia@choice.se

Please pre-book your passport. Book at the reception or to the SPA at number 386, up to 1 hour before class starts.