To think about

Welcome to us, so here's our spa ...

Peace and tranquility at the spa! You go to the spa to relax and enjoy, so think of the sound level when you talk to each other. Peace and tranquility also applies during our children's times (see under Opening hours)

When you come to the spa, you announce your arrival at the Spareception. Have you booked treatment or any of our packages that include loans of rock and slippers you will receive these from the receptionist. You can find the towel on the shelf on the way to the changing rooms.

In the locker rooms you choose a free cupboard and put your things in. This is locked with four optional digits. After no more than a minute, you can unlock the cabinet with the same code. If you need to lock your cabinet again, wait a minute and then lock it with a new code.

Before bathing, it is important that you shower thoroughly without bathing suits, then with. Did you know that a dirty person pollutes the water in the basin as much as 30 clean and increases chlorine use 30 times!?! The showers are equipped with shampoo, conditioner and shower cream from Kerstin Florian. If you have had treatment, you must carefully wash away all oils / creams before bathing.

After showering you will find the Spa area via the shower. There you wear swimwear, cotton textiles are not allowed in our pools.