Electric car

We at Dalecarlia Hotel & Spa in Tällberg have for several years taken larger and larger steps in our environmental strategy and are constantly trying to reduce our environmental impact. A new step in this is our charging post for electric cars. A future investment project came about thanks to collaboration with Dalakraft. During early spring we had our premiere and the first electric car got a full charge with us.

It feels completely natural for us to be involved in the current developments . Most of our guests travel by car, but we see that more and more come to us with electric cars. Therefore, it feels extremely good to be able to offer this first class service and adequate charging right at the hotel. Tällberg is a magnificent place and has a huge appeal, something that we should maintain and respect for tomorrow’s guests. Therefore, we have invested in a charging pole, which happens to be decorated in our traditional kurbits painting to fit in well with the environment and the atmosphere in Tällberg, says Ann-Louise Gustafsson, CEO of Quality Hotel Dalecarlia.