Drink testing

Drinks and their origins are just as interesting as varied. We offer tasting of different kinds of drinks along with small delicacies.

Wine tastings
Italy’s best wine-house in 2014 – Colle Massari/Grattamacco

Castello Colle Massari, Grattamacco & Poggio Di Sotto. These three wineries form the collective name Colle Massari.
We at Dalecarlia feel a little extra for the wine-house and therefore, together with our wine supplier, have selected a range that we think suits us very well. We choose to call it our House. The fact that Colle Massari was selected in Italy as “Winery of the Year 2014”, by the highly regarded vine guide Gambero Rosso, makes us even more proud. All wines are Eco or Bio-certified and therefore produced with the greatest attention to the environment and climate.

We taste 6 wines during a session of around 90 minutes. Price 450 SEK per person / minimum number of 10 people

Organic & biodynamic wines
– Is it true to say that in this segment the very best wines are to be found? We think so!

What does it mean when growers say we grow organically or bio-dynamically for that matter! What does it do to the finished product, and, above all, what does it mean for the winemaker? Many questions have to be answered, but above all you have the opportunity to try samples of fantastic wines produced with the greatest respect for our environment and future generations.
We taste five wines in a session of around 90 minutes. Price 350 SEK per person / minimum number of 10 people

Wine & Food combined
– A breath-taking tasting experience with mouth watering delight!

What happens in your mouth when food and wine come together? How does the mouth’s chemistry work and why do wine tastes differently with food? Sweetness, saltiness, acidity, bitterness and umami – all five tastes in their way affect the taste, often in surprising ways. We taste the wines together with our sample platter and learn at the same time many useful kitchen tricks to take home.

We taste five wines during a 90 minute session. Price 450 SEK per person / minimum number of 10 people

Your Choice!
– Have you your own ideas about what you want to try?

With our contacts and network we can find the most in the way of wines and spirits. Give us time and we´ll fix it . This allows us to tailor your test according to your wishes.
Contact us for discussion on how best to set it up and give you a price!

Beer Tasting
– Lager, Ale, or IPA, or a combination of these? You choose!

There is an awful lot happening right now when it comes to beer. Micro breweries are popping up everywhere with exciting new flavours, not least in Sweden! We gladly botanize among beers from around the world and give you a knowledgeable guide with tips on how they fit together with food, their temperatures and handling.

We test 4 varieties in a session of around 45 minutes. Price 195 SEK per person / minimum number of 10 people

Whisky tasting
Vintage test
We taste 4 different varieties of the same whisky, how does the same product vary from vintage to vintage?

Price vintage testing 425 SEK/person

Regional testing
We taste 4 different types from different regions. How do they differ? Be part of the history and manufacture.

Price range testing SEK 400/person


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