Body treatments

Anti Stress Course-soothing 50/80 min*
We start with a lovely salt scrub with oil from eucalyptus.
Continues with a pack of fragrant organic
aromatherapy oil that soothes the body and mind. Then
facial cleanser, facial mask and facial massage as you relax in the pack.

Papaya Treatment for velvety skin 50/80 min*
– Softening whole body treatment, leaving skin velvety
Fresh body treatment with papaya enzymes exfoliate the skin velvety A wrap allows the enzymes to operate, while you get a facial with cleansing, exfoliation, massage and mask and scalp massage. The treatment ends with a shower and application of moisturizing lotion. At 80 minutes included half body massage with energizing oil with citrus.

Calm and relaxing autumn cure 50/80 min *
1 Sep.–30 Nov
The treatment begins with a salt scrub that increases circulation and removes dry skin. The treatment then continues with a relaxing massage with soothing oil of lavender and lemon balm.
* The 80 minute treatment sessions are followed with facial cleanser, facial and scalp massage

Detox – cleansing 50/80 min*
Cure with cleansing effect that gives skin nourishment and radiance. We begin with dry brushing, then packed you into a wrap with Spirulin algae containing minerals and vitamins. Thereafter, a facial cleanser, facial mask and facial massage to complete the treatment. The session ends with a massage application of moisturizing cream.

Peeling 20 min
A scrub that cleans deep and removes dry skin. Turkish body scrub with coarse mineral salt and Eucalyptus cleanses, refreshes and increases circulation. The session ends with Aromatherapy Lavender Body Spray.

Result-oriented courses
* All 80 min cures include a half body massage.

Energy-cure-invigorating 50/80 min*
A cure for those who seek more energy. The hot mud nourishes tired and sore muscles. We begin with a Hungarian mud wrap and continue with the facial cleanser, facial mask and facial massage. Finally, a mineral-rich cream and energizing organic oil completes the cure.